Madame Frankreich, Arcane Dissipator

madame frankreich, arcane dissipator

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realgaran asked: hmm.... I want to hug you and do nerdy stuff with you

All I do is nerdy stuff so you’d be spoilt for choice! I’m not so huge on body contact though, I have my reasons. That’s nice of you though.

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Anonymous asked: I dig your style and selfies

Oh thank you nice anon! I often worry that the frequency I post them at annoys people, but it’s comments like these that keeo me going :)

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mal-luck asked: I love Farscape! I've got it all on DVD! =D

We had it all on VHS but the player conked out after almost 2 decades. In fact Pokemon 2000 was the tape that killed it! So I’m watching Farscape on my laptop and really enjoying it.